Bowen technique to help natural fertility
Bowen Technique
Where did it originate

The Bowen Technique was pioneered by Thomas Ambrose Bowen, born in Geelong, Australia in 1916. Tom developed a great interest in body work. He began by observing sports trainers and others at work and by the time he was in his early 40's, this gifted man had established a full time practice in remedial therapy using the technique he had developed.

What does the treatment involve?

The practitioner uses thumbs and fingers on precise points on the body to make gently rolling moves, which aim to disturb the muscles, tendons, soft tissue and energy within the body. The technique does not involve osteopathy type manipulations and is not a form of massage.

It is a non-invasive, non-diagnostic holistic therapy that is non-intrusive, gentle and very effective. It can be performed with the client stripped to underwear (preferably) or through light clothing and each session lasts approximately 40-60 minutes. In many cases longstanding pain can be relieved in 2-3 sessions, although further treatments may be required in some situations. People who receive the therapy are amazed that a treatment, which feels so gentle, can be so effective. Nevertheless the technique works.

The technique is safe for people of all ages and because it is so gentle, adults as well as children can be treated. The client has the opportunity to relax while the treatment is taking place. Overall, the treatment helps to rebalance the body, relieve tension and reduce pain.

How does it work?

The Bowen technique is a treatment that sets the body up to heal itself. The rolling Bowen moves over soft tissue, tendons and muscle, encourages re-balancing and re-alignment of the body. Apart from the initial improvement achieved during the therapy session, improved working of the circulation, lymphatics and muscle condition allows the self healing process to continue for several days following the treatment.

Three successive treatments are recommended at weekly intervals to encourage continuing improvement and achieve lasting relief from even long standing pain. Additional treatment may be required for complex conditions or if re-injury occurs.

One unusual feature of the technique is the short gaps during the treatment when the practitioner leaves the client to rest. Though often considered strange to people having the therapy for the first time, this is an important part of the technique allowing the body to rest and absorb the effects of the moves.

What conditions respond well to the Bowen Technique?

Musculo skeletal pain: Frozen shoulder/Shoulder pain/Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/RSI/wrist & hand problems, TMJ Syndrome (jaw misalignment), Postural problems, Neck/whiplash injuries, Knee and hip restrictions/Foot & ankle problems, Back/pelvic & hip problems/knee/ankle/shin splints, Sciatica, Accident/sporting injuries/improved sporting performance, Muscle pain/sensitivity/numbness

Respiratory Problems: Asthma, Bronchitis, Hay Fever, Sinusitis

Digestive Disorders: Constipation, Colic, Indigestion, IBS
Also: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Migraine/Headaches, Tinnitus/Vertigo balance problems, Bed Wetting in Children

Sheila Hind MBTER

Sheila is a Member of the International Council of Holistic Therapists (MICHT), and the Bowen Therapists’ European Register. Since qualifying as a Bowen practitioner with the European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS) in March 2004, she has specialised in this particular therapy. As part of her continuous professional development she has attended ECBS Advanced Bowen courses and recently completed an “Extensions to Bowen” course. The knowledge gained at this particular course has in many cases enabled the resolution of a wider range of client conditions and problems. In addition to her knowledge and interest in Bowen therapy, she also has an ITEC qualification in Stone massage and VTCT qualifications in reflexology and massage therapy. Prior to undertaking therapy work, Sheila used to work in science and engineering and has an HNC in chemistry.

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