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Fertility Support Plan

For when you are finding it difficult to conceive.

It often comes as a surprise to couples that decide the time is right to start a family only to find that they are unable to conceive. There can be many factors which affect fertility, from lifestyle factors such as stress, poor diet, smoking, high consumption of alcohol as well as physical problems for example polycystic ovaries, anovulation (failure to ovulate), endometriosis. The problem may also lie with the male partner- sperm that is poor quality or has poor motility, or low sperm count. For most people failure to conceive compounds the stress and hinders fertility even further.

At this stage we recommend the following:

Acupuncture or Reflexology plus Nutritional Fertility Support Package

6 Acupuncture treatments: (£55 initial, £41 follow- ups. £10 discount on course of 6 if paid up front.)

OR: 6 Reflexology treatments: (£41 per session. Course of 6 treatments - £205 if paid up front)

Nutrition Fertility Support Package (£395) – includes an initial and two follow-up consultations, a touch base telephone consultation (20 min) in between and the following tests: (supplements extra)

Homocysteine test (blood spot)
Elevated levels of homocysteine have been linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Vitamin D test (blood spot)
It is estimated that 70-90% of the UK population are low in vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to pregnancy related problems.

Hair Mineral Analysis (hair)
Evaluates mineral levels and balance, as well as toxic heavy metals.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility Support

If you suffer from high levels of stress we also offer Hypnotherapy, which can be taken as individual sessions (£65 per session) or as a Hypnotherapy for Fertility Support package: £370 for 6 sessions

Smoking Cessation:  £150 (2 hour session)

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss: £225 (Initial session 1.5 hours, plus 3 x 1 hour follow- ups)


Fertility Tests

If you are over 37, or under 37 and have been trying unsuccessfully for more that 12 months, or have experienced recurrent miscarriages, it may be helpful at this stage to check your fertility level.  We can arrange a referral to the Reproductive Health Group in Daresbury. They offer a range of services, including the ‘One Stop Fertility Clinic’, a quick and comprehensive service, which enables assessment of the reproductive health of both partners during a single visit.

For more information see here


Sperm Comet test

Sperm DNA Damage
One in six couples has difficulty having a baby: in 40 per cent of these cases, the difficulty is associated with the male

Most couples trying for a baby are probably all familiar with the term ‘sperm count’, which deals with the quantity of sperm.

However, what many of us know less about is sperm quality, that is,Sperm DNA. Sperm DNA is one of the most important factors when it comes to conceiving.

This sperm quality can be seriously affected by things like stress, smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, obesity and other avoidable lifestyle factors. Even healthy sperm have some DNA damage, but it’s the amount of damage that matters.

Higher levels of Sperm DNA damage can be a factor where couples have been trying for a baby for some time without success and where there is no obvious explanation why. It can also be a major factor where couples havebeen successful conceiving but have suffered a number of miscarriages.

Testing for Sperm DNA Damage

Conventional semen analysis is an important part of fertility testing as it tells us about the number of sperm present (concentration), how well it swims (motility) and the shape and size of the sperm (morphology). However, it does not tell us anything about sperm DNA damage, which requires another type of test: a Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test.

This type of test goes beyond the semen analysis to explore the sperm at a molecular level.

The most sensitive of these tests is the SpermComet®.

The SpermComet® Test

SpermComet® measures the amount of damage in every single sperm and is so sensitive that it detects damage in 70 percent of men with normal semen analysis. This makes it really useful for couples with unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage, after a failed cycle of IVF, or if the man has previously been ill, on medication or has changed his lifestyle.

The important thing is, when we know the level of sperm DNA damage, we can help couples make better choices about the right lifestyle choices and fertility treatment for them. For example, with moderate damage, IVF might be the best treatment to try. If the damage is high, then the best chance of success might be going straight to ICSI treatment.

The SpermComet® is available at the Chesire Natural Health and results are guaranteed within seven days. For further information, please get in touch on 01925 731023

You can also learn more about the test here.


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