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Claire Leyland | Reflexology
I had my first reflexology treatment in early 2014, me and my husband had been trying for a baby for almost 12 months with no luck. I had irregular cycles and following hospital early hospital tests I was informed I had not ovulated, while waiting for further appointments I decided to look at it other methods as I was so stressed and worried thinking I would never have a baby. I found Tracey on the internet and after 5 sessions of reflexology I was pregnant! I truly believe this was down to Tracey. I had been meaning to go back as it really helped me all round, however life has been so busy with work I didn't get chance. We are now ready to have another other baby and following the discussion with my husband to start trying the next thing I did was book a reflexology session with Tracey!! I can not recommend her enough!
Helen Plan | Reflexology for Diabetes and pregnancy
I originally came for reflexology treatment during my first pregnancy after a recommendation of how relaxing it would be from a friend.  I was very surprised by how someone working with your feet could have such an amazing affect on your health.  I am a type 1 diabetic and so have to be constantly aware of sugar control, especially during pregnancy.  With the help of Tracy, we managed my blood sugars exceptionally well.  My diabetic nurse was surprised that my insulin requirements did not keep rising during the later stages of the pregnancy as she would have expected, but when I mentioned my reflexology she said, ‘That explains it!’  We later gave birth to a healthy, happy baby boy.

After deciding to have a second baby, I attended more sessions of reflexology to try to become as healthy as I could be for the preconception stage.  Tracy helped to reduce my erratic menstrual cycle length to a regular cycle that I could understand and we conceived first time!  I have subsequently booked more sessions to help me through this pregnancy and look forward to each session very much.  Equally our new baby appears to enjoy each session as much as I do and wriggles around when the womb area is being stimulated. 

I would recommend reflexology to anyone, it gives you an enormous sense of wellbeing and with real health benefits.  Thank you Tracey.

Louise Crawford | BABY JOY
My experience with holistic therapies began in November 2007 when I suffered a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks gestation.
When I became pregnant in September 2007 my husband and myself were so happy as the pregnancy was very much planned following our marriage 2 months earlier. I was devastated when on 19th November I had a show and wondered what was wrong. The following day I was scanned and showed that I was suffering with what they call I missed miscarriage, meaning that the baby had died but not expelled from the uterus. I was told that this occurred when the baby was approximately 7 weeks gestation.
I went home totally devastated to choose what to do.
 The hospital gave me 3 options. The first was to let the miscarriage happen naturally, secondly to have medical management where you take medication to make the uterus expel the pregnancy or thirdly to have a D & C operation to manually remove the pregnancy.
Not wanting to undergo medical treatment I opted for the natural approach, to let nature take its course.
The weeks were passing by and nothing happening apart from constant on off bleeding and a lot of emotional stress. I felt hopeless and that it would never come to an end.
I attended Cheshire Natural Health to discus what I could do to help myself and my body to recover.
The lady at reception was so very helpful and sympathetic to my story and told me all about the treatments available to me, including reflexology, counselling, hypnotherapy and nutritional advice.
The reflexology with Tracey was amazing. Each time I attended I felt the improvement and always joked about feeling like I was floating down the stairs afterwards. I felt such a positive experience with this treatment. Not only did I fully recover from the physical part of the miscarriage and the healing of my reproductive organs, but I also relaxed immensely which helped in a big way with my emotional stress which I was going through.
I wanted nothing more than to be pregnant again as soon as possible as I knew this would help with my loss.
I attended counselling sessions and hypnotherapy, which also assisted tremendously with my recovery and return of confidence.
I also attended sessions for nutritional advice, to aid my recovery and prepare my body for another pregnancy. I was determined that I would get pregnant as soon as I could and that the next time would be successful.
The nutritionalist Angela gave me a lot of really good advice on what to eat and what to avoid. I noticed a big improvement as soon as I took up the advice and began my new diet with the suggestions given.
My miscarriage was taking a long time to come to an end which was making me suffer a tremendous amount of stress and emotional grief, however my full recovery I know was due to the treatments I had at Cheshire Natural Health, which I would highly recommend to anyone.
The staff are caring, understanding, very professional and really have helped me, so much so that I conceived straight away in February 2008 when the miscarriage came to an end. I truly believe that the treatments I had resulted in me conceiving so very quickly, especially the reflexology which I now swear by.
Our little angel is due any day now and my pregnancy has been perfect all the way through, which just goes to show that the holistic approach really has worked for me.
SW, Crewe
We had been trying for a baby for over a year and I had been diagnosed with PCOS when I read an article about the benefits of reflexology for infertility. After searching on the internet I was lucky to find Tracy locally and contacted her for advice. She helped me with nutrition and suggested an intensive course of reflexology to get my hormones and body back into balance. Not only did I feel in better health generally with bags more energy, but within 6 weeks I was pregnant. I?m sure that the combination of treatments and advice that Tracy gave me were the reason that we now have our wonderful little man.
Debbie Crouch, Warrington
I was one of the last of my friends to marry and 'settle down' and likewise to start a family. None of my friends seemed to have experienced any fertility problems so I did not see any problem in being 34 when I got married and 35 when I started trying for a family. Unfortunately things were not so simple for me. My first pregnancy came two years after marriage and lasted 13 weeks. This was followed by a further 2 miscarriages in the following 12 months. I was in a responsible job which I enjoyed however it was quite hectic. I decided I needed to take a different approach to my pregnancy problems.
I was now 38 years old. I decided to go down the IVF route whilst it was still a viable option for me. But more importantly my lifestyle had to change. I needed to slow down and relax a little. Even if my IVF treatment worked, I would still have to carry a baby for 9 months which until now I had been unable to do. My sister in-law had recently trained in reflexology and had learnt about it's fertility benefits and recommended I signed up for some treatment. I contacted Tracey. Tracey suggested reflexology every 4-6 weeks. I found this very relaxing and beneficial to my well being as a whole. Tracey treated me right through my IVF treatment, which was successful. My family commented that I had become more relaxed. I continued to see Tracey all through my pregnancy and am delighted to say I successfully carried my baby to full term and I am now the proud mother of a little girl. I continued to see Tracey after her birth and took her along to the reflexology sessions where she happily slept whilst Tracey treated me.
I would recommend reflexology to anyone who is experiencing fertility hitches - it's certainly a very positive experience!
Emma Bannister, Northwich
Shortly before getting married I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries. I had undergone an operation to remove a supposed ovarian cyst, only to be told the appearance of my ovaries was 'unusual'. Whilst the only obvious symptom was my irregular periods, I was told that I 'would probably need IVF'. I was devastated and spent most of the following year obsessed with my fertility. I first started seeing Tracey when I realised that, coupled with a stressful job, worrying about my fertility was getting me down. We did want to think about starting a family, but my state of mind was quite negative.
Not only did I enjoy my reflexology sessions for the relaxation and 'me time', I also noticed that my periods became more regular. I was also sleeping better and less focussed on my PCO. When we did decide to try for a baby , I conceived in the first month. I actually had a reflexology appointment when I must have literally been days pregnant. Tracy didn't mention anything, but at the next appointment when I told her my news, she showed me that she had written in my notes that she thought I might be!
I had reflexology throughout my pregnancy, and I really benefited from it. I was relaxed about giving birth and felt really positive about how my body was coping. Tracy had also showed me some relaxation moves I could use myself, or could get my husband to try whilst I was in labour.
I actually went overdue, and Tracey used reflexology to help things along. Walking out of this treatment, my bump seemed to drop lower and I felt good. That night, I went into labour. Although it started very slowly, I was in established labour by the next afternoon and Lara was born just before 5pm in a birthing pool, happy and healthy. I felt mentally and physically strong and had no stitches or problems after the delivery. Lara was a calm and relaxed baby, and she is to this day as a little girl.
I would recommend Tracey to anyone who has fertility issues, or who wants to experience a relaxed and positive pregnancy. I think she really understands how all-consuming worrying about your fertility really is, and reflexology can really help both your body and mind.

PS. I now have a little boy, Harry, also supported by reflexology.
Mrs M, Warrington | Acupuncture and Fertility
I have been coming to Cheshire Natural Health for a range of treatments to improve my general health and fertility before IVF.  I found reflexology and hypnotherapy very relaxing and helped to give me a more positive attitude. I used acupuncture alongside IVF and am very pleased to have become pregnant on the 1st cycle of IVF. I am continuing to have acupuncture through the pregnancy to maintain my health and wellbeing.  I have been extremely please with my treatments at Cheshire Natural Health and have recommended the clinic to family and friends.
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